Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) – An Overview

Today, the most important thing about picking the right career is that there are so many options that it becomes difficult to choose one.

Are you among those confused students who want the answer to – what is the best course of action based on your interests?

Or do you blindly follow the crowd?

Then you indeed have arrived at the right place because answers to all your doubts are here. If economics, finance, and investment texts interest you, then best profession for you might be that of a Chartered Financial Analyst.

Now here comes another question in our mind: What exactly is CFA?

What is CFA?

CFA stands for Chartered Financial Analyst. CFA is a graduate level course which is globally recognized. It provides a strong foundation for real-world investment analysis and management skills combined with the practical knowledge that is necessary for today’s investment industries.

charted Financial Analyst

CFA was introduced in the year 1963, and it is considered the highest designation in the finance domain.

What is the eligibility criteria for CFA?

You must have a bachelor’s (or equivalent) degree. Or an individual can also be in their respective final year while registering for the program to be eligible for answering the CFA program test. In case you do not have a bachelor’s degree, a four-year professional job experience can also be considered.

So if you are ready to devote your time and efforts in the investment sector, CFA is the best course for you.

First of all, to get into this field, we must understand who exactly is a financial analyst. What exactly is his work?

A financial analyst researches microeconomics and macroeconomic conditions of a company. Based upon his research of overall current and predicted the strength of the particular company. He helps to recommend a course of action like buying or selling the company’s stock.

The CFA designation is widely recognized as the profound standard. So, for measuring competence in the fields of portfolio management and investment analysis. So, we can say that CFA provides support and economic stability to the company where he works.

CFA test is conducted by the CFA Institute. Three level examinations are to be given to become a CFA. After these three level exams, a candidate’s ability in the application of the investment principles across all areas of the investment field is verified.



 What is the pattern of the exam? What do you have to prepare for this exam?

In the CFA program, first exam tests the financial principles, the second exam tests the economic analysis and accounting. Then the final review is broadly based on financial portfolio management and decision making.

So if you want to be a financial advisor, trader, financial analyst, or a research analyst, then you should surely try this CFA program. It will provide you with international recognition, and you will gain numerous skills.