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Shubh Sahota is an excellent singer and he has come to be everyone’s favorite singer in a totally brief time. He is a song composer and sound engineer too.

Shubh Sahota has been additionally jogging his very own incorporated sound studio named “Plunex Studio”. So, he has launched exceptional songs over a length of 10 years.

He has left his target market coronary heart-pounding together along with his rocking stay performances on stage. So, his paintings have gained over 1,000,000 hearts and he’s pretty cherished and preferred by his viewers.

Shubh Sahota composed a new Punjabi song ‘Choti Choti Gallan’.  Siddharth Sharma and Sammy have Directed the track ‘Choti Choti Gallan’. The tune of the track Choti Choti Gallan via way of means of singer Shubh Sahota is given via way of means of Subh Sahota. Rumman Ahmed is the lead actress of this track. Shubh Sahota has also written the lyrics of Choti Choti Gallan’s.

Shubh Sahota has composed a few very famous tracks with great video songs over the years. He also has composed many hit songs like:

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