5 Printing Decisions That Accompany Personalised Sportswear


Personalised sports kit has not only made its way to the field but is also widely accepted and appreciated across sports industry. Sports clubs and teams are largely investing both time and money in designing their own sportswear. It’s time, therefore, to learn some interesting facts before designing your own.

There are various manufacturers such as Zapkam who offer a range of options to help you personalise your sportswear. Most important offering is the 3D Kit Designer often offered for free online. Best part about this kit designer, especially the one offered by Zapkam, is that you can choose almost any colour under the sky. Apart from that you can add your club’s and sponsor’s logo, and your team members names, numbers and initials.

While the options are limitless, often it’s the choices or decisions that are most difficult to make. Some of those choices or decisions are the ones pertaining to printing. Here we discuss five printing decisions that you are most likely to make when designing your own sportswear.

#1 Colour Combinations

color combination


With the option to choose almost any color under the sky, things could get a tad overwhelming. Sure, you will have to choose the colors but combining them could pose a minor roadblock. In this scenario, we suggest you focus on the important elements of your design, such as logos and then pick colors that enhance their visibility. You can also consider looking at the color wheel.

#2 Printing Technique

Different manufacturers offer different printing options, often leaving the decision on you. If we talk about the options, then these are sublimation, screen printing, and cut and sew among others. No doubt each comes with its own pros and cons. Researching about each is definitely a smart move, smarter, however, is getting in touch with your manufacturer and grabbing details directly from experts.

#3 Fabric

The particular fabric your sportswear would be made of is of grave importance as well. Of course, the quality of the prints depends on the fabric chosen by you. In this case, we advise you to consult your manufacturer and gain a deeper understanding. Often necessary information is relayed on the website. So, you may want to check it first.

#4 Different Design Elements

When designing your personalised sports kits you may feel challenged with the placement of different design elements. To give you an example of the elements, consider your club’s or team’s logo, your sponsor’s logo, and your team members names, numbers and initials. Placing these in an appealing order and an amiable way to ease printing could pose a challenge, though are not difficult to overcome.

#5 Choosing a Manufacturer

This should have been your first decision, however, having sailed the same boat we know it’s always trial that leads and decision, follows. Hence, choosing the manufacturer would appear at a later stage, after you have checked the kit designers and all the related options different manufacturers have to offer. If you ask us, that is a smart way to proceed.

Final Words

Though personalising your sportswear may appear a challenging task initially, it will turn out rather beneficial in the later stages. Reason being, often designing is the first and most time-consuming step. After that is done and material and other options have been chosen, it’s a cakewalk from there onwards. With manufacturers like Zapkam who never discontinue a design you can come back anytime to order your personalised sportswear. What’s more? You can even set up a club shop and direct your team members and fans directly to your club shop for any future requirements.