TradeGecko Review- Best Inventory Management Platform

Tradegecko, an All-in-One inventory management tool is one of the fastest-growing service companies and the best inventory management platform. It offers extreme service for your business in one place by selling, shipping, manage your wholesale, retail,  business, and multichannel.

One of the best features that TradeGecko offers is online ordering and inventory management and also cloud-based sales inventory management. 

A simple interface of TradeGecko online ordering made the users work simple and fast. You can also easily track thousands of products across multiple online stores.

Inventory Management was way too complex a few years ago. Earlier, everything needs to be managed physically. But now, there is a tremendous number of options available because people are taking their businesses online. 

Let’s check why you need to choose inventory management services and have a look at the top inventory and order management platforms.

Why Inventory Management Services?

Managing orders is not a big deal for small-scale businesses. But as soon as your business grows, the biggest challenge you might face is the management of inventory. Not investing in these platforms can cost you a fortune.

But signing up with a good inventory management service can double your business.

Let’s see, why inventory management services are necessary:-

  1. Easy and Simple

These services help you to control your business in a very easy and effective way by managing your inventory and saving your time and energy.

  1. Shortage and Excess of Stocks

Inventory management platforms provide exact information about the stocks left and if there is any shortage or in case of excess of stocks.

  1. Savings

Order and inventory management will help you to save a lot of your money as you will get a proper idea about over-stocks, reordering, and other necessary information regarding any specific product.

  1. Manual Working: Risk of miscalculations

The best part about these services is that it reduces your burden as everything will be operated over the computer. So, there will be no margin of error and miscalculations. 

What TradeGecko Offers?


As already discussed, there are a large number of inventory management platforms with different features. But TradeGecko serves you some phenomenal offers and benefits. It is one of the best and cheap inventory management software. 

Have a look at some features of TradeGecko:-

  • Online Inventory Management

TradeGecko provides an easy and effective way to control and manage your inventory online. You will be able to apply filters to analyze any specific product and category. Also, export/import data from inventory helps you to manage your inventory under control. 

  • Real-time Analysis and Tracking

Physical inventory management was so complex and its major drawback was that you can’t track on a real-time basis. But with TradeGecko, you can analyze and also track your inventory and orders at any time.

  • Abandoned carts

You can see all the customers who have logged into the database store,  headed towards the particular item, added the item to the cart but not purchased. You can contact or follow up with those customers at any time.

  • Fast Delivery

TradeGecko offers you to provide fast and safe delivery of products to your customers. Fast response from agents to deliver your product and route adjustments for the shortest path. It will help you provide the best service to your customers and helps in building trust.

Other Inventory Management Services To Consider

TradeGecko is the most reliable platform for your inventory management. But still, you can have a look at some other order management options.

List of Inventory Management platforms:-

  1. Zenventory

Zenventory is reliable and trustable as it has some really good reviews. With some new and advanced features to manage inventory, you can totally rely on Zenventory.

  1. Orderhive

Orderhive is best suited for small-scale businesses. With affordable price and quality reviews, it will help you in the management of orders, inventory, or for analysis of any specific product type. 

  1. Zoho

Very easy-to-use software with amazing features will help you in real-time tracking. Professional staff will help you 24/7 in case of any need. But this software is a little expensive compared to others. 

  1. Primaseller

Primaseller is considered as a very reputed software. It has maximum features as compare to other platforms. With quality reviews and good responses from clients, you can surely register yourself with Primaseller.


There are many inventory management services as discussed. But TradeGecko comes out as the best inventory management platform after reviewing and comparison.

Tradegecko is the leading cloud inventory management software for small and medium-sized businesses. It offers inventory management, order management, sales Analytics, and much more to help you sell more with fewer efforts. It is designed to save time and money by automating Business Process, taking the guesswork out of every task, and helping the business grow. 

Let’s grow your business with the help of Tradegecko online ordering software in a unique way and see the difference.