Flaunt7 Vs BlueAngelHost – DMCA ignored dedicated server

Flaunt7 Vs BlueAngelHost

Are you looking to build a website and want to secure it from unpredictable breakdowns. If yes then you have to go through with DMCA ignored hosting services. You can obtain maximum output by using DMCA hosting. The DMCA hosting services has the advantage of getting peace in mind that your content will not be removed forcibly. 

On searching, we found the best and reliable DMCA hosting services. Flaunt and BlueAngelHost is some of the best hosting providers. Now you may have a question about which one is best Flaunt7 or BlueAngelHost. So here we illustrated the subject of  Flaunt7 Vs BlueAngelHost services. Through which you may convey that which one is better.

Flaunt7 vs BlueAngelHost

Flaunt7 vs BlueAngelHost means that here we illustrate the difference between both hosting services. You may find both services are reliable and efficient. But some features might be changed. Further, we have described the Flaunt7 and BlueAngelHost services with their benefits.

What is Flaunt7 


Flaunt7 is the best DMC hosting that has the best VPS hosting service and high-quality performing hardware. It will protect the server from competitors and make the government avoid some copyright laws. 

Flaunt7 treats the customers with more respect. Even there is a guarantee of complete freedom of speech. Also, there does not require any form of identity verification. Although this company extends its legal activity. It does not have any illegal activity like phishing scams, fraud sites, and spamming.

Features of Flaunt7 Hosting

There are three classes of Flaunt7’s web hosting plans named as – shared, VPS (virtual non-public servers), and committed servers. Flaunt7 team will take complete care of migrating a full website and its execution for you. Further, we discuss some latest features of this hosting:

  • 24/7 support – Online support is available through live chat, tickets, and email.
  • Amsterdam info center – Netherlands is generally kind with the enforcement of DMCA protections. ANd also these are more respectful towards the freedom of speech. Some European audiences have fast and reliable connections.
  • Two-element authentication –It has a security feature that prevents unauthorized access. And also it has a firewall that is protected by AI and DDoS protection. 
  • Pay with bitcoin – All plans are available for buy with bitcoin. It does not leave any traces of the money trail.

What is BlueAngelHost


BlueAngelHost is a top DMCA ignore hosting service. It has a tiered structure for its data centers. This runs your business online without having any risk of copyright rules and regulations. They use enterprise-grade hardware to make your website fast and up.

Even though BlueAngelHosts have multiple plans that are protected under DMCA notices. That means if your site is targeted through a DDoS attack, then the defense will stop this and make your site secure. 

Features of BlueAngelHost

There are various VPS and dedicated servers that are available in the Netherlands, Bulgaria, and Russia. and also it does not contain any illegal and fraudulent activities like hacking, phishing, and carding. 

Although it contains various features of the BlueAngelHost. These features are listed below.

Confirmation – The confirmation and verification process is used to protect itself and the customer from any problems. even the account is not immediately activated. 

500+ Gbps DDoS protections – The DDoS protection is available on the shared plans. And also it has a large amount of bandwidth which is protected too. Actually, VPS  and dedicated plans have 100GBPS. 

Choose among virtualization technologies – There are two types of virtualization technologies. One is offshore VPS hosting and the other one is resource-intensive projects. You may often use OpenVZ plans for offshore VPS hosting. And you may use KVM plans that will pack more of a punch for resource-intensive projects.

Accepts cryptocurrencies – BlueAngelHost accepts some cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin. And also it uses classical payments as well. Some of the classical payments are Paypal and credit cards.


We have discussed the DMCA ignored hosting. These hosting services are used to avoid takedown notices and secure the websites from copyright laws. This subject of Flaunt7 vs BlueAngelHost teaches us that every hosting service has its key features. 

Later on, if we talk about the pricing of both ignored services. So at that time, we can say that the BlueAngelHost service is more costly than the Flaunt7. But BlueAngelHost is more efficient than Flaunt7.

Hence you may get a better understanding of Flaunt7 and BlueAngelHost services from this article. We tried to explain the best and complete information about Flaunt7 vs BlueAngelHost which may help you get the best DMCA ignored hosting services. If you may have any query or you may want to give any suggestions. Then you may comment us without any hesitation.