Best Google analytics tips and tricks to get maximum benefits

google analytics

Google analytic provides you the guidelines which help to increase the ranking of site and users details of the site. It provides you a good platform to know the trends of customer search, without taking any amount.

We all know that Google offers its best services in two ways:-

  •     Free Services
  •     Paid Services

In these services, Google provides lots of tools for customers growth, facilities, and success.  It is one of the most precious, strong and effective Google tools for marketers to help monitor your website traffic or performance. You can easily track people who visit your website, how much time they spend or stay there, what search queries they use and so much more.

Google analytics tips and tricks

Then you’ll use that data to optimize your website additional and supply excellent user expertise and increase your traffic.                                        

In other words, we can say that  From Google Analytics, how many users came to your website in a day, from which country and state, from which source, came from mobile or from desktop, or from Facebook. Regarding this, Google Analytics provides information to the website owner perfectly.

  •     It is terribly straightforward to feature it to your web site and you’ll be able to do thus solely along with your Google account or with the assistance of a Gmail account. during this article, i will be able to tell you the options of the deep level of Google Analytics.
  •     If you wish to understand a way to add Google Analytics to your website, please read the post below and so continue with this post because in this post can get you basic info regarding Google Analytics that’s will be helpful for you.

With this Google Analytics tool, we get a lot of information, which we use to increase our search engine ranking.

That’s why everyone should install analytics on their website.

It’s Easy to install !!!


We can easily add our website to Analytics.

For proper installation of Google Analytics, it has to follow 3 steps –

  1.    Creating a Google Analytics Account
  2.    Taking the Tracking Code
  3.    Adding Analytics tracking code to your website.

        Let’s start!

How to Connect( Add Your Website In Google Analytics Tool)

It is very easy to add your website to Google analytics, for that you have to have a GMAIL account, you can easily create a Gmail account from Google.

  •     First of all, by searching Google analytics in Google, go to Google Analytics, then logging in with your Gmail id, after logging you will come to the bottom screen, now you have to click on sign up.

Now look at the bottom screen, you need to add details.

  •   First of all, you have to choose a web site.
  •   Then you have to write your name.
  •   You have to write the name of the website.
  •   You need to enter the website URL (URL).
  •   You have to choose a BUSINESS class.
  •   You have to choose Time Zone India.
  •   Now let’s click on the get track ID in the lower screen which is shown in blue.

  •   Now the bottom screen will appear in it, tracking id and script code in it.
  •   Select your country in it and click on I agree.

Select country term and condition

Now you will get the analytics code, which you copy.

process of making analytics

How to add Google Analytics tracking ID or code to a website

  •      Now you have to log in to your WordPress dashboard,
  •      Then you can install WP-INSERT PLUGIN from your WordPress dashboard.
  •      Then when you click in the WP-INSERT PLUGIN, you showed me the bottom of the screen.
Copy the script

Copy the script

Paste this code into your website before </ head> (close the head tag).

And this way Google Analytics will be set up on your website.

Benefits of Google Analytics

Here are we discuss the number of benefits of Google Analytics. With the help of this tool, we can save money and time to the measurement of performance of our business or business website. Some most important benefits are:-

  • Analytics is the best Google Tool to check out the Performance of our business or business website.
  • There are a lot of things to consider for analyzing SEO efforts.
  • It is useful to check the website  Bounce Rate.
  • Analytical shows that visitors are originally coming from which source, via Direct links or Referrals like.
  • With the help of Google Analytic, you can know that What page do people first read.
  • This tool displays Which pages do people go out after reading.
  • Google analytics is the platform that collects data and changes it into useful reports.

In last we can say Google provides the best tool to check out our allover performance of the site.