WhatsApp Web: Steps To Use WhatsApp On Your PC


As we all accept that WhatsApp is really an awesome messaging app-daily approx one billion users are using it. But sometimes your smartphone is unable to holding huge conversations. So, with the help of WhatsApp web, you can use WhatsApp on your pc.

Maybe you don’t have known that WhatsApp web is not just connected with your phone, even you can also use it on your computer, too. with the help of it, you can get a better look of photos, make easy to reading lengthy paragraphs, and allow you to scroll faster via group messages to find what you want.

whatsapp web

It is an application which is used to manage your WhatsApp messages on your pc. Let’s see how to use it on your computer or laptop.

Some items that you need to use WhatsApp web

It’s a very simple process. Hope you have all the necessary things, but just only the sake of knowledge, here’s the list.

  • An Android phone with a working rear camera.
  • A computer system with any modern browser.
  • An active internet connection in both computer and mobile.
  • The latest version of WhatsApp.

Working on WhatsApp web

It does not have all the features of mobile even you can not use it without your mobile. First of all, you have to connect your phone then use it.

Steps to start

You can start it just only using three simple steps

  • Tap on ‘start now’
  • Download for free without signup.
  • Get access to your Gmail.

In short, we can say that it’s just a clone of all WhatsApp activity of your phone. You can see all message in your system which comes to your phone. if your phone is unable to get the message, because of some connection issue or switched off condition. Then you can’t see in your WhatsApp web.  

Steps to set up WhatsApp web  

  • First of all, open the browser on your PC and go to web.whatsapp.com.
  • Go to your WhatsApp mobile app, click on Menu and then Whatsapp Web to start the QR code reader.
  • Scan the QR code from PC screen to your phone’s rear camera.

When the WhatsApp reads the QR code, the phone will be connected to the PC. In this way, WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp mobile will be synced.

Why WhatsApp Web is special

So for what reason would it be a good idea for you to utilize it when it’s more constrained than the phone? Because of the keyboard, obviously.

whatsapp web


If you need to participate in long discussions with somebody, it’s simpler to type on the keyboard. In fact, I additionally work with WhatsApp Business, and you’ll be happy that you can deal with various clients through it.

You can utilize keyboard shortcuts as well. The most valuable two to remember are Ctrl + Shift + [ to go to the previous messages, and Ctrl + Shift + ] to go to the next message.

  • Recover your Deleted Messages

delete message

You can recover your deleted messages very easily just uninstall and then install your WhatsApp account and click on the restore to recover your deleted messages on WhatsApp.

  • Emoji by keyboard

emoji (1)

Without emoji, the chat is incomplete so to use emoji with a keyboard you just need to type a colon (Shift +;/: Key) followed by the first two letters of the emotion you want to express. You can use arrow keys to select your favorite emoji than simply enter it.

WhatsApp web security

While it at first got some flak for its absence of security, WhatsApp now flaunts end-to-end encryption for its messages. This reaches out to WhatsApp Web also.

All things considered, it’s a smart idea to utilize the best security practices for WhatsApp, regardless of whether you’re utilizing it on the web or on your cell phone. For example, on the off chance that you need to utilize WhatsApp Web on an alternate PC, open it through an incognito window.

How to log out of WhatsApp Web

In the condition when you are using WhatsApp Web in your own PC, you can remain signed in when you are done. It’s helpful.

On the other hand, if you are utilizing it on another person’s PC, it’s best to log out after you are finished. It’s best to do this on both the PC and your cell phone.

  • To log out of it on the system, go to Menu > Log out.
  • To log out of it from all gadgets that your phone is linked with, go to Menu > WhatsApp Web > Log out from all devices.

Now, we are going to point out some advantage and disadvantage of WhatsApp Web.


  • You can Change your profile.
  • View contact info
  • Start a new conversation with any contact, or search for existing conversations.
  • Access media (photos, videos, audio) in-line. You can also download any media directly to your PC.
  • Start a new group chat, talk in group chats, and view group info.
  • View WhatsApp Status updates from any contact.
  • Share photos and videos, documents, and contacts.
  • Send emojis, GIFs, and stickers, as well as voice notes.
  • Start a new group chat, talk in group chats, and view group info.
  • Connect multiple computers to your phone and save them for the future. You can also remotely disconnect any browser from your phone.
  • Get or mute desktop alerts and sounds.
  • Select multiple messages, and clear messages.
  • Reply, forward, star, or delete messages.


  • You can’t send a WhatsApp Broadcast.
  • Unable to post new WhatsApp Status updates.
  • Settings are limited to notifications through WhatsApp Web and chat wallpapers.
  • You can’t change media download settings, so all photos and videos sent to you are downloaded automatically.
  • Two browsers cannot be used at the same time. While you can add multiple browsers/PCs to your phone, you can only use one at a time.
  • Maps can’t be shared by you or your current location.
  • WhatsApp Voice calls and Video calls can’t receive or make.

Here how to use it in all given phones

  • On Android: in the Chats screen > Menu > WhatsApp Web.
  • On Nokia S60 and Windows Phone: go to Menu > WhatsApp Web.
  • On iPhone: go to Settings > WhatsApp Web.
  • On BlackBerry: go to Chats > Menu > WhatsApp Web.
  • On BlackBerry 10: Swipe down from top of the screen > WhatsApp Web.
  • On Nokia S40: Swipe up from the bottom of screen > WhatsApp Web.

Summing Up

After all the above discussion, we can say that it is a feature of WhatsApp through which you can use it on your PC via web browser. this feature allows you to use WhatsApp on your computer system. hope this article helpful to you. if you find this article useful then please don’t forget to like and share.