What to Expect From Top Restaurants in Abu Dhabi

What to Expect From Top Restaurants in Abu Dhabi

Restaurants in Abu Dhabi are known to tourists as one of the places they can visit where they can try different international as well as local cuisines while enjoying a breathtaking view. Food lovers can choose from French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Morrocan, and Lebanese dishes.

Are you thinking of dining in a restaurant in Abu Dhabi?

Few things you can expect from the top restaurants in the city:

Luxurious interiors

Some of the restaurants you’ll visit will surely inspire you because of their interiors that are intricately designed. Some guests can enjoy cultural spaces specifically designed for them. Other places feature their staff’s talents by using their hand-made decorations.

Others offer floor-level seating arrangements that provide an Arabian vibe. In some places, you’ll be able to enjoy dining in a huge hall decorated with Chinese ornaments. High ceilings, large chandeliers – something classy for a night in the city.

Live music

If you’re a food and music lover, then you’ll appreciate such dining places because they offer live music. You’ll be able to enjoy your food while listening to some of their most talented local artists. Some restos feature local bands that play during Sundays through Fridays.

If you’re into R&B music or rock anthems, then you’ll have a lot of places to choose from if you want to be entertained while eating scrumptious food. Piano entertainment is also a common sight.

Lively ambience

Want to experience a lively ambience for your dining experience? Worry no more, because, in some restaurants, they feature artists who do live dance performances every night, so you don’t have to worry if you’re there on a weekday or a weekend.

In other restos, you’ll be able to enjoy your meal while their DJ plays groove music. If you want to party after dinner, some dining places have bars upstairs where you can enjoy a night out with your family and friends.

International cuisine

Want to try French cuisine? There’s a list of places you can choose to dine where you’ll enjoy signature dishes like Loch Fyne wild salmon or even enjoy a chocolate extravaganza. Craving for Chinese, Japanese, or other Asian food? Many restaurants in the city offer these in their menu, prepared with a twist.

How about Italian? Yes, you’ll have no problem looking for dining places that offer Italian cuisine if you’re thinking of grabbing a pizza. You can also enjoy an international buffet dinner to satisfy all of your cravings.

Traditional dishes

Something you don’t want to miss when dining in Abu Dhabi is their traditional dishes? Some of the most recommended ones are harees (traditional food made of meat, salt, and wheat), machboos (a simple rice-and-meat dish), salona (meat soup), madrooba (a variety of seafood dishes), and luqaimat (traditional dessert made of fried balls similar to doughnut holes).

Now, you may not find all these dishes specifically but some restos may be able to offer them to you with their twist or version.

Fantastic venue

What’s common in some of the best restaurants in the city is their fantastic venue. You can get an amazing view of the surrounding sea. Want a full Arabic experience? Try out the restos located in Abu Dhabi deserts. If you want to enjoy a panoramic view of the Arabian Gulf, you can do so by dining in restaurants located in privileged locations.

You can create a memorable dining experience by choosing places located in luxury hotels. In one of the terraces, you’ll get a stunning view of the horizon. You also might want to try an outdoor dining experience while enjoying a shisha or a cocktail. What about the view of the lovely mosque? Yes, you can have it too in one of Abu Dhabi’s top restaurants.

Helpful staff/Great customer service

When a professional staff assists you during our dine-in, it will be an amazing experience. When in Abu Dhabi, what you can expect from the top restaurants’ staff is high-quality customer service. They can give you suggestions on what to order, they’re knowledgeable about their dishes and menus, and they’ll take care of your special requests with a smile.

Their friendly and attentive staff will be available to serve and assist you anytime you need them. Some even provide complimentary dishes in between orders and throw surprises too.

Opening/closing times

Most of the restaurants’ opening times are during the midday. They usually serve lunch starting from 12:30 pm till three. Dinner is usually served from six pm till 11 pm. Some restaurants are open as early as seven or eight am and close as late as one or two am.

If you want to dine one of the top restaurants in Abu Dhabi, be sure to ask if you can make reservations to save your spot and avoid inconvenience.