Choose Between Safe Carryout or Delivery for Halloween

Pizza is one of the world’s best comfort foods. It’s got ooey, gooey cheese that browns and crisps up under the heat of a pizza oven. The crust is chewy and delicious, a perfect vehicle to eat a slice of pizza topped with sweet tomato sauce and the toppings of your choosing. If you’re planning a holiday get-together for your family or friends, you don’t have to go out. You can bring the pizza home for a safe and delicious meal before you indulge in candy and fun.

The pandemic has changed food delivery and takeout. It’s changing how we celebrate. We don’t need to cancel Halloween, we just need to think about how to be safer and avoid transferring germs. For fast food delivery near me, just use the Papa John’s app or order online for fast and easy ordering. When you checkout, use your credit or debit card to pay for your meal. Adding a tip for the driver is always appreciated. When your order shows up at your door, the driver will leave it at your door and step back while you take it in. There’s no contact. You keep your circle small while getting great pizza for your family. You can always pick up your pizza order from the store for safe carryout, too.

How Easy Pickup Will Also Help Them When Ordering Pumpkin Pizzas for Their Grandchildren

If you’re ordering for your grandchildren for Halloween, they’ll love the best pumpkin pizza which doesn’t come topped with pumpkin. It just looks like a Jack-O-Lantern, for the holiday spirit. Easy pickup or delivery lets you avoid coming into contact with people outside your circle for your peace of mind. As being older is a bigger risk for disease, you can do everything you can to stay healthy.

Earn Free Pizza With Carryout or Delivery 

Every order with Papa John’s earns reward points that can be redeemed for free food. You earn one point for each dollar spent. Whether you’re ordering Pepsi beverages, pizzas or Garlic Knots for lunch or dinner, you earn points. You can trade those points in for free pizzas. What a great way to enjoy Papa John’s any time. There’s no limit on points, so keep ordering and earning.

Papa Johns Food Delivery Is Also One of the Fastest

When you need to feed the crew, you don’t want to wait. For quick lunch pickup near me, just use the Papa John’s app or order online to get quick delivery. Our team goes to work quickly to make your order just how you want it. We handmake our pumpkin pizza when you order it. When it comes out of the over, we package it up and get it out the door as fast as we can.

Remember to order appetizers and drinks to go with your pizzas. Garlic Knots and Pepsi beverages are the perfect accompaniment for any flavor of pizza. It will keep your ghosts, goblins, ghouls and superheroes going all night for a spooky celebration. Order pizza for dinner tonight. Make pizza delivery part of your Halloween party.